Jim Murphy and Anthony Macaluso Introduce Belden Hill Partners

October 8, 2012by beldenhill

Jim Murphy and Anthony Macaluso Introduce Belden Hill Partners

October 8, 2012by beldenhill


Belden Hill Partners will provide consulting, corporate finance and investment banking advisory services to leading closely held businesses and family owned companies

Stamford, CT  — Jim Murphy and Anthony Macaluso would like to announce the launch of Belden Hill Partners. The firm serves as an independent, corporate finance and investment banking adviser to closely held businesses across the United States and Canada, with a unique focus on “families in business.”

Under the direction of Managing Partner Jim Murphy and Vice President Anthony Macaluso, both formerly of boutique investment banking firm de Visscher & Co., Belden Hill Partners brings a 25-year track record of successful middle-market investment banking advisory and execution. The firm specializes in educating closely held business owners on the options, or alternatives, available to grow the shareholder value of their businesses, while simultaneously achieving their goals for shareholder liquidity, maintenance of family control, and the building of healthy family relationships.

Priding themselves on bringing higher level investment banking services to the middle market and family owned business community, Belden Hill Partners provides closely held businesses with a broader set of alternatives and tools for maximizing their companies’ value creation opportunities while aligning the objectives of the shareholder base. The firm also ushers clients through the process of executing any selected options including: the raising of debt and equity capital for growth capital needs, shareholder liquidity, shareholder and management buyouts, diversification or recapitalization, and the orchestrating of mergers and acquisitions with both corporate, value-added partners and financial investors. The firm also offers unique access to longer term, more “patient” sources of minority investment, equity capital to the private company market.

“What inspired us to start Belden Hill Partners—and what makes this business interesting for me—is knowing that closely held businesses have important and varied needs for access to longer term capital that often go unaddressed for long periods of time,” said Murphy. “The ability to bring vision and clarity to the many choices that are available to business owners has tremendous value. Our clients progress from thinking that they’re stuck in a no-win situation to realizing they can achieve a balancing of their goals and objectives by facing some important strategic decisions with a broader consideration set

of options or alternatives and the assistance of the seasoned advisors with whom we collaborate.”

Belden Hill Partners serves a variety of multi-generational clients across numerous industries. The firm’s mindset is collaborative by nature, and the Principals work comfortably with a broad network of trusted advisers to best serve its clients. Anchored by the firm’s philosophy, that the client’s needs always come first, each client receives unbiased financial advice and the personal, senior-level attention of the Principals.


About Belden Hill Partners, LLC

For more than 25 years, the professionals at Belden Hill Partners, LLC, have helped hundreds of closely held and family business owners design, plan and execute creative strategies to maximize shareholder value. Based in Stamford, CT, but servicing business owners across the United States and Canada, Belden Hill Partners provides clients with a menu of strategic options or alternatives to balance the often competing needs for growth capital of the business, liquidity for shareholders, and the desire to maintain management or family control. The execution of those options often involves: the raising of debt and equity capital for growth capital needs, shareholder liquidity, shareholder and management buyouts, ESOPs, recapitalizations, and mergers and acquisitions with strategic, value-added partners and longer term, more patient, financial investors.

Managing Partner James Murphy, previously affiliated with de Visscher & Co., Goldman Sachs, and Ernst & Whinney’s privately owned business group, has decades of experience in corporate finance and middle-market investment banking execution. He has spearheaded debt and equity fundraising activities and designed business capital and shareholder liquidity solutions for large and mid-sized family owned and closely held companies in numerous industries. Vice President Anthony Macaluso is involved in all aspects of corporate finance and investment banking transactions at Belden Hill Partners and is responsible for deal sourcing, project management and transaction execution. Prior to joining Belden Hill Partners, Mr. Macaluso was an Associate at de Visscher & Co. and he began his career at Bank of America Merrill Lynch as an investment banking analyst in the mergers and acquisitions group.